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Celebrate all things Mayfair

We are delighted to reveal our new advertising campaign, 'Be Mayfair'. Starring employees of The May Fair Hotel, our campaign is designed to celebrate the Mayfair district's unique personality.

'Be Mayfair' is a series of striking images which show the different sides of Mayfair, from business to shopping, via weddings and spa breaks. With captions including 'Be relevant', 'Be notorious', 'Be elsewhere' and 'Be intimate', the series of lifestyle images show off the range of luxurious experiences available in the area.

Shot in various locations around The May Fair Hotel itself by renowned fashion photographer, Lara Jade (whose work has featured in Tatler, Harper's Bazaar and Elle), the campaign can be seen in magazines and newspapers, as well as social and digital platforms all over the world.

“It has been great to be part of a campaign that tells a genuine brand story using real people from The May Fair Hotel’s own staff. This has been an exciting opportunity for me and I have really enjoyed bringing it all to life,” Lara said.



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