The five star luxury May Fair Hotel - Screening room

Screening room

One of London's largest private cinemas, The May Fair Theatre is also a wonderfully luxurious theatrical space, with Ferrari leather-trimmed seats, deeply textured wall coverings and deep carpeting throughout. The state-of-the-art projection system handles both traditional film prints, 3D, and the latest digital movies, with high-definition imaging and spectacular cinema sound.


With seating for 201 on Italian leather-trim seats, luxurious furnishings and presentation stage, the screening room provides an energising, inspiring and supremely comfortable space for private viewings.

Screening Room Floor Plan

VIP Green Room

Guests and speakers can prepare and relax in the unique settings provided by The May Fair’s luxury private suites, following events on the Screening Room’s projection system via synchronised, 50-inch Bang & Olufsen TVs.

The May Fair Screening Room Technology

Twin cinema and high-definition projection systems, with full cinema sound and superb acoustics ensure the impact of conferences and presentations; state-of-the-art in-seat audience response technology allows for instant interaction and dialogue,3D cinema capabilities and dedicated, on-site technical assistance ensures you make the most of the possibilities with all the help you need.

3D capabilities

As 3D film becomes ever more popular, The May Fair hotel is alone in providing a luxurious environment for previews or private screenings. While 3D cinemas exist across the UK, The May Fair experience is on an entirely different level.  Of course, at The May Fair there is no need for the old cardboard-armed red and green lensed affairs; instead, yours are like stylish sunglasses, light and easy to wear. And with them on, films are magically transformed into a completely new viewing experience.

Sound and Vision experience

The May Fair Theatre offers truly state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment for sophisticated presentations. The room features 201 seats in a gently tiered environment suited to film or theatre, conference or product launch.   The theatre ensures a luxury feel with leather chairs, designer walls and a cinema-style ambiance, a naturally balanced sound and planned sight lines so that every seat is the "best in the house."

The provision for the highest quality presentation is the key to the room, with facilities to match any in the world.  The Theatre has a Digital Cinema projector, allowing perfect presentation of high-end digital film media in large-screen high definition.  Often used for European premieres of digitally produced film, the projection allows all film and media to look dynamic, bright and powerful. We can show the latest digital releases including Dolby 3D Features and Content.

The projection is enhanced by a THX sound system installed in the room. This puts the Theatre in an elite class of venues with an optimal cinematic experience and perfect representation of sound as the director intended. The room has an impressive array of speakers allowing for full theatrical sound, which, in conjunction with the projection facilities ensures the highest standard for film screening or presentation.

High-end Audio Visual Facilities

The Theatre has a permanently installed Audience Response System from the award winning company IML.  The system gives each seat an individual handset for the sending and receiving of questions, for voting and a personal microphone for audio questions. The system gives a wide range of options for question polling and management, for receiving information from the audience and providing unique services to each delegate.

The system can be tailored to suit specific meeting environments and a variety of uses from in depth audience response to fun quizzes can be quickly arranged. Database or Individual responses can be provided during or after the meeting to give full details about your audience and their feedback. The room features technology to make control for speakers easier and quicker. 

A sophisticated touch-screen panel offering users control of all aspects of the audio-visual presentation is set into the lectern.  From here the speaker can move between media, control the lights and sound functions and set the conditions for a presentation. Alternatively, our fully trained AV Technicians can control the presentation from the self-contained, purpose-built control room located at the rear of the theatre. In either case, a trained technician is on hand throughout the day.

To further reinforce the professional sound system there are comprehensive options for microphones both on stage and around the room, including both wired and wireless systems. This gives us excellent breadth for PA within the room itself and gives further advantage for recording in a variety of Theatre meeting environments.

Other Audio Visual facilities include:

  • Digital Cinema Projector for highest quality projection, 4K NEC 324OS
  • Additional BARCO DP90 Projector for bright, sharp Data and video projection.
  • Premium quality cinema screen 8x3.8M across the stage with high-contrast masking for 4:3 ratio media.
  • Video playback from blue ray, DVD, Digi-beta and Digital Files.
  • High-definition ready video systems accepting DVI and SDI standards.
  • Audience Response System – Voting System for up to 201 delegates.  
  • Permanent Audience Response programmers to provide custom-made voting presentations to suit the meeting or event.  Exact demographic feedback and full data exporting for delegates or organizers.
  • Audience Response System Microphones (1 microphone for each delegate).
  • Automated camera positioning to capture Audience Response microphone user.
  • Comprehensive options for microphones both on stage and around the room, these include both wired and wireless systems.  
  • Full computer control of systems with Front-end speaker touch-screens.
  • Option for 1 or 2 matching lecterns simultaneously, each with microphones and touch-screens providing projection and lighting control with Laptop display and power connections.
  • Full computer control from Lectern with dedicated high-specification PC unit with broadband Internet Access and latest software.
  • Digital Speaker media accepted on DVD-Rom, CD-Rom, Zip Disks, Flash and Removable Drives and email.
  • Internet access via our wireless network.
  • Two 50" High Definition Plasma Screen Displays for high quality and contrast Video and Data (e.g. for Branding / Speaker Information facilities, Mounted either side of main screen.
  • Full computer controlled stage lighting for theatrical impact.
  • Relay to other rooms – Video and Sound relays to other rooms.  Computer display overflow facilities where required.
  • Custom Designed luxury seating with fold-out desks and recessed Audience Response Handsets.
  • Top table and microphones.
  • Full Air conditioning.

The Audio Visual Team can assist with arrangement and briefing of speakers at all stages of planning, design and assistance with PowerPoint, conversion of Analogue Media to Digital Format and post-meeting production. 

Please contact the May fair for full details. Should you require equipment that is not listed – please also ask for further details.

Detailed Theatre Specification


The theatre is amongst only three in the capital to be equipped and licenced to THX standards.  This means that the theatre has been tested and approved by Lucasfim / THX's own people and complies with their stringent standards for both sound and picture.

In addition to the cinema system, the theatre is equipped with two mixing desks, numerous tie and patch lines and can be used with numerous sources such as mics, radio mics, PC audio and Digital formats.

Equipment installed is as follows:

  • CP650D cinema processor
  • QSC power amplifiers
  • THX D1138 Digital crossover monitor unit
  • Full THX baffle wall and associated acoustic treatment
  • Background noise levels below NC25
  • Room reverberation within RT60 measurements / volume
  • Three Stage speakers JBL56 series (THX)
  • Martin Audio surround speakers
  • Sub bass JBL
  • Dolby DMA8 plus
  • Two channels of A or SR noise reduction.  6 channels on request
  • Video "pro logic"
  • Dolby AC3 (DVD)
  • DTS (DVD)
  • Other Pro Logic sources as required
  • External 5.1 track input
  • External 2:4 input
  • External mic inputs
  • Line out for recording performances
  • Various digital audio formats
  • Sound mixing
  • Twin audio mixing desks
  • In house mics + provision for up to 32 further channels

3D, D-Cinema and HD projection

A DCI approved NEC32OS Digital cinema projector provides both HD and true approved Digital cinema playback. In addition, a BARCO DP90 offers a second image (for subtitling, video relay etc) as well as a back up. Sources and servers may be either client supplied or hired in on request.

  • 2K Barco DCI approved DP90 Digital cinema projector
  • 4K NEC DCI approved 32OS Digital cinema projector
  • ASCAR box and scaler for alternative formats
  • Dolby 3D system
  • Doremi + show vault Management Server
  • Matt white screen, Dolby 3D Glasses.


A full theatrical lighting rig is provided, complete with "house" fittings of 9 x par cans and 3 x fresnel lanterns. Further channels (up to 24, each 5A) are available for client use. For larger rigs, a 3 phase 63A supply is provided on stage.

  • Full DMX desk hard wired to triple truss in theatre
  • Basic complement of lanterns, more on request


  • Matt White Micro-perforated Screen
  • Size 8m x 3.8m
  • Acoustically transparent masking, electrically adjustable to provide contrast masking for 4:3 ratio presentation in highest quality.

Plasma Screens

  • Advanced HD Ready Pioneer 50" Pure Vision Plasma with 2 x HDMI connections, PC and Video Inputs
  • 50" 127cmV 16:9 Wide Screen Plasma Television
  • HD (High Definition) ready with 1280x768 (WXGA) resolution
  • Accepts both 1080i and 720p HD signal formats
  • 4000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks
  • 1.100 cd/m2 brightness
  • Receiving system: PAL BG/I/DK, SECAM BG/DK/L
  • PC signals include Wide XGA/XGA/SVGA & VGA
  • Display measures (WxHxD) 1224 x 717 x 92mm positioned either side of the screen in front of the stage.

Stage connectivity

  • PC or other RGB-HV video signal via 15 pin HDD connector or 5 x BNC, HDMI
  • Composite video via BNC connector
  • 10 x XLR mic sockets
  • 2 x XLR line sockets (adaptor to 3.5mm for PC)

Video playback formats

  • DVD
  • Digi Beta
  • Blu Ray
  • DVCAM (including Mini-DV)
  • Other formats on demand
  • Off air and satellite facilities

PC Graphics

High Resolutions from a variety of PC formats can be supported.

IML / voting system

201 IML Communicator handsets, built in to the seats. These are digital radio units with telephone-quality audio. Units are charged in the seats. Instant display of results to the main screen

Built-in microphone

Management of all results to database for further questioning.
Variety of question formats, ranging from simple Yes / No to text-based, numerical or value, ranking or cross-referencing polling. On site programming experts.

Secondary projector

High-powered data / video projector for normal screen presentation. Can be used for DVD, PC or Laptop, and additional sources of video.

CD Player

CD player for interval, setting or background music


  • Two purpose-built lecterns (in black-ash) with 2x Microphones - PC and 17" Monitor
  • Dimensions of each lectern are: Width - 936mm, Depth - 641mm, Height - 1157mm.
  • Internal depth is 545mm as rack strip is installed 60mm in, without rack strip total internal depth is 605mm.
  • Can be used in 3 separate positions on stage, or two at the same time – in different positions.   

For more information about the screening room please call +44 (0)20 7915 3898 or email