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Corporate Responsibility

Our top 10 commitments

  • To create a dynamic equilibrium of shared passion and profit by staying true to our core values in ways that deliver greater performance and value for the individual, organisation and planet.
  • To create and build a healthy food system which is based on the understanding that food is an essential celebratory and culturally vital component of our lives.
  • To continuously strive towards improving our overall carbon footprint through usage of innovative clean and renewable sources, resources and technologies.
  • To improve our water footprint impact with emphasis on production, usage and consumption in all areas of operations (including the sourcing and supply chain).
  • To do our part by creating a resource efficient built environment by improving and efficiently monitoring our waste (and yours) through zero waste management with emphasis on the circular economy.
  • To maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) in order to improve the health, productivity and comfort of all building occupants.
  • To promote a responsible sourcing and procurement programme with an emphasis on using transparency and traceability analysis for our supply chain to assist us to improve our adverse ecology and social impacts.
  • To promote and advocate for low carbon and smart mobility on the basis of its positive and enhanced impact on human conditions, air cleanliness, noise avoidance, use of public space and energy efficiency.
  • To create a higher level of self-empowerment through thought leadership – the kind that differentiates you from the competition.
  • To create a healthy bottom line by promoting and encouraging evidence based wellness for our guests, hosts, local community and nature, which is fostered through a culture of healthy and active lifestyles.

World Monuments Fund

World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the leading non-governmental organisation for the protection of cultural heritage. The WMF believe that built heritage is everyone's environment, and we invite you to join us in supporting them.